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Subject: [cobirders] Colorado Rare Bird Alert for June 12, 2019
Hello cobirders,

Our report is called Rare Bird Alert because search engines find it
better. The report is really "Uncommon Bird Report" Not all uncommon
birds are rare birds. Birders may want to know where to see them anyway!
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NOTE: Reports do not confirm sightings. Choose to chase at your own risk
and expense.!
NOTE: To reduce length of report, only recent sightings listed; visit
Colorado Birding Society's website everyday for additional sightings!

Reports added: 6/11/2019
Arapahoe (Red-headed Woodpecker, Burrowing Owl, Cassin's Kingbird)
Boulder (Chestnut-sided Warbler, Red-eyed Vireo)
Delta (Burrowing Owl)
Douglas (Least Flycatcher, Ovenbird, Bobolink, Dickcissel, Eastern Phoebe)
Elbert (Dickcissel, Bobolink)
Jackson (Boreal Owl, Flammulated Owl)
Larimer (Common Gallinule, Baird's Sparrow, Burrowing Owl)
Morgan (Caspian Tern)
Pueblo (Eastern Wood-Pewee)
Routt (Prothonotary Warbler)


Arapahoe County
++++Eastern Arapahoe County
Red-headed Woodpecker --Kiowa Crk/County Line Road (Washburn:Thompson)
first 6/11
Burrowing Owl (2) --CR 129, 0.7 miles/south/Orchard Road
(Michaels/Washburn:Thompson) (first 5/17) last 6/11
Cassin's Kingbird --CR 38/East Bijou Creek (Suddjian/Washburn:Thompson)
(first 5/3) last 6/11
Burrowing Owl (2) --CR 30, 0.2 miles/east/CR 149 (Michaels) first 5/17
++++Richmil Ranch Open Space & Area
Cassin's Kingbird (3) (David Suddjian/Washburn:Thompson) (first 5/3) 3;
last 6/11

Boulder County
++++Chautauqua Park Area
Chestnut-sided Warbler --McClintock Trail; 1/4 mile/stream stone bridge
(R.J. Pautsch) first 6/11
++++Marshall Marsh Area
Red-eyed Vireo --tall trees just before Marshall Marsh (R.J. Pautsch)
first 6/11
++++Pella Crossing Area
Northern Waterthrush (Chris Petrizzo) first 6/10
++++Eldorado Mountain State Park
Ovenbird --Fowler Trail turning onto Goshawk Trail (Karen Drozda) first
Red-headed Woodpecker (pair) --Ridge descending to Fowler Trail (Denise
Reznicek) first 6/9
++++Wild Basin Section of Rocky Mountain National Park
Winter Wren (Caleb Strand:Joshua Smith/Stevens:Michaels) (first 6/8) last

Douglas County
++++Castlewood Canyon Road
Least Flycatcher --Creekside Trail, State Park
(Michaels/Washburn:Thompson) (first 5/17) last 6/11
Ovenbird --Creekside Trail, State Park (Michaels/Washburn:Thompson)
(first 5/17) last 6/11
Bobolink (male) --Winkler Ranch (Terry Michaels/Washburn:Thompson) (first
5/17) last 6/11
Possible Dickcissel --Winkler Ranch (Washburn:Thompson) first 6/11
++++Cherry Creek Trail & Walker Pit
Eastern Phoebe --Cherry Creek/south/hwy 86 (Richard
Stevens/Washburn:Thompson) (first 3/31) last 6/11
++++Rampart Range Road at Hwy 67
American Three-toed Woodpecker (Dave Cameron) last 6/9
Williamson's Sapsucker (Dave Cameron) last 6/9

Elbert County
++++Elbert County Road
Dickcissel (1) --(Elbert Road, 4.1 miles south of Hwy 86)
(Michaels/Washburn:Thompson) (first 5/17) 2; last 6/11
Bobolink (male) (Jacob Washburn:Jamie Thompson) first 6/11

El Paso County
++++Adams Open Space
Mississippi Kite (2) (Glenn Gade/Terence Berger) (first 5/26) last 6/10
++++Aiken Canyon Preserve
Ash-throated Flycatcher (4) (Lindsay Purifoy/Kevin Ash) (first 5/4) last

Jefferson County
++++Coal Creek Open Space
Red-headed Woodpecker (2) (JoAnn Hackos/David Suddjian) (first 6/5) last
Grasshopper Sparrow (2) (JoAnn Hackos/Washburn:Thompson) (first 6/5) last
Dickcissel (2) (JoAnn Hackos/Ginny Bergstrom) (first 6/5) 1; last 6/9
++++Arvada Blunn Reservoir
Pacific Loon (Steve Snyder/Washburn:Thompson) (first 5/27) last 6/9
++++Red Rocks Park
Barn Owl (Robert Raker/Reed Gorner) (first 5/17) last 6/9

Jefferson/Douglas Counties
++++Chatfield Reservoir
Swamp Sparrow --swim beach (Clarie H) reported 6/9

Larimer County
++++Schware Unit, Wellington Wildlife Area
Common Gallinule (Josh Bruening/Tim Mitzen:Lindsay Purifoy) (first 4/29)
last 6/11
Semipalmated Plover (Adrian Lakin) first 6/9
(north of CR 60, 40 yards east of Schware unit sign on south side of CR
++++Soapstone Prairie Natural Area
Baird's Sparrow (7) (Andy Bankert:Matt Webb/M.OB.) (first 5/13) 3; last
++++Coyote Ridge Natural Area
Burrowing Owl (4) --see directions (Dan O'Donnell) (first 5/10) last 6/11
++++Rocky Mountain National Park
Northern Pygmy-Owl --Cow Creek (Richard Stevens:Terry Michaels) first 6/9
Flammulated Owl (Stevens:Michaels) first 6/9

Las Animas County
++++Canyons of Las Animas County
Hooded Oriole --Purgatoire River W of Alejandro Canyon (Mlodinow)
reported 6/8
Gray Vireo --Purgatoire River/west/Alejandro Canyon (Mlodinow) 4; last 6/8
Gray Vireo (David Ely:Steve Mlodinow/Mlodinow) last 6/8
6/9: (4) --Alejandro Canyon; 1 Central Plateau North Spur)
Hepatic Tanager (David Ely:Steve Mlodinow) last 6/8
6/8: (2) --Alejandro Canyon; 1, Central Plateau North Spur (Mlodinow)

Pueblo County
++++Arkansas River below Pueblo City Park
Eastern Wood-Pewee --btw Nature Center & Pueblo Blvd (Evan Carlson/Jim
Merritt) (first 6/10) last 6/11
Marbled Godwit --West Gravel Pit (Evan Carlson) first 6/10
++++Pueblo Mountain Park
Grace's Warbler (Evan Carlson/MaryLynne Ketcham) (first 5/4) last 6/9
++++Roselawn Cemetery
Yellow-throated Warbler --just inside third entrance (Evan Carlson/Loch
Kilpatrick) (first 5/11) last 6/8


Morgan County
++++Brush Prairie Ponds Wildlife Area
Caspian Tern (2) --Pond 1 (Chuck Hundertmark) first 6/11

Lincoln County
Eastern Wood-Pewee --Hillside (perhaps means Hillcrest/east of D Street
at drainage (David Leatherman) reported 6/8


Conejos County
++++San Luis Hills (John James Canyon)
Black-throated Sparrow (3) (John Rawinksi) first 6/9
Black-throated Gray Warbler (Rawinski) first 6/9
(2.3 miles up canyon, third record for the Canyon; 6/2017 & 3/2016)
++++County Road C & San Antonio River
Black Phoebe (2) (Roger Clark) first 6/8

Delta County
++++Highway 50 (between mile markers 55 & 56)
Burrowing Owl (2) (Steve Dike) first 6/11

Fremont County
++++Siloam Road
Cassin's Sparrow (2) (Kevin Ash) reported 6/9

Jackson County
++++Colorado State Forest
Boreal Owl
(1 heard) --Ruby Jewell Road (Stevens & all) (Stevens:Michaels) last 6/11
(2)--Joe Wright Reservoir, upper parking lot (Larimer Cty)
(Stevens:Michaels) last 6/10
(2)--from Hwy 14, west of Cameron Pass (Stevens:Michaels) 2; last 6/10
(3) --south of Crags Campgrounds, see map (Stevens:Michaels) last 6/10
(1 heard) --Ruby Jewell Road (Stevens & all) (Stevens:Michaels) last 6/10
Flammulated Owl --Ruby Jewell Road (Stevens:Michaels) first 6/11
American Three toed Woodpecker
(1) --across Hwy 14 from Visitor's Center (Stevens:Michaels) last 6/10
++++Delaney Butte Lakes area+
Greater Sage-Grouse (Stevens:Michaels) first 6/10
Red-necked Phalarope (Stevens:Michaels) first 6/10
++++Walden Reservoir
Greater Scaup (2) (Mlodinow) first 6/10
Red-necked Phalarope (Mlodinow) first 6/10
++++Town of Rand
Northern Waterthrush (3) (Mlodinow) first 6/10
++++Yarmony Ranch Wildlife Area
Long-billed Curlew (Mlodinow) first 6/10

La Plata County
++++Wildcat Canyon (Rafter J)
Acorn Woodpecker (2) (Caleb Strand) last 6/10

Mesa County
++++County Road 320 East Road
Bobolink --Collbran (Bruce Ackerman) first 6/10
Purple Martin (14) (John Drummond) first 6/10
++++Oe Road/south/hwy 330
Bobolink (Denise & Mark Vollmar/Carol Ortenzio) --see map (first 5/10) 2;
last 6/8
Dickcissel (Denise & Mark Vollmar) first 5/10

Montezuma County
++++Yellow Jacket Canyon & area
Lucy's Warbler --11597 Road G (Caleb Strand) first 6/10
Lucy's Warbler (1) (CoBus group/Scott Somershoe) (first 4/19) 4; last 5/29

Ouray County
++++Uncompahgre River At Buckhorn Road
Black Phoebe --north of Colona (Brenda Wright:Coen Dexter/Bill Harris)
(first 6/5) last 6/9

Routt County
++++Yampa River Botanic Park
Prothonotary Warbler (Dave & Ann Jones/Gary Brower) (first 5/22) last 6/11
(flotsam along River between Garden west gate and the Osprey nest pole)

Good birding!

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