Date: 6/11/19 11:13 pm
From: Tony Kurz <tonyk_71220...>
Subject: [NWCALBIRD] MANX SHEARWATER off Crescent City today 6/11/19 Del Norte.
I went out with a friend fishing today out of Crescent City and had a good mix of seabirds and the best being a MANX SHEARWATER.  We were pretty much straight west from the Harbor out about 8 miles at (41.6774, -124.2939).  The bird came in alone from the West right off the bow very close to the boat.  The black above and white below contrast was very striking.  It made one pass and continued NNE out of sight.  There was decent numbers of Sooty Shearwater's a handful of Pink-footed Shearwater's.  Near the beginning headed out we had 1 adult Pomarine Jaeger.  Lots of Alcids mostly Common Murres, but also a good numbers of Cassin's Auklet's and Rhinocerous Auklet's.  The other notable highlight was an adult TUFTED PUFFIN nearly flew right over the boat pretty much straight west from Castle Rock almost 10 miles out.

I have attached the ebird list with more details on the Manx Shearwater.

Good Birding!
Tony Kurz

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