Date: 6/11/19 6:25 pm
From: HAROLD YOCUM <drhal2...>
Subject: Mitch Park 6/11/19
I birded Mitch Park, Edmond this Am 8-10:30 along with Sherman and Sharon Barr.

22 species

walked 1.75 miles

red shouldered hawk

bob white quail- calling, several locations

ruby throated hummingbird

black chinned hummingbird- near short path to pond. also a ruby throated male in the areas. they seem to in separated locations there. food source - scarlet honeysuckle


Bells vireo- 3 calling , various locations, mostly east side along Kelly

mourning dove

fish crow- calling 1

American crow

northern cardinal-many

scissor-tailed flycatcher- adult and young

eastern phoebe

indigo bunting- 1seen and calling

painted bunting - 2 seen , 2 others hear . generally east side near Kelly , and along the power line on the north edge of the park . One central and 1 near the bridge.

eastern bluebird- several plus young

Carolina chickadee-2

Carolina wren 1

brown headed cowbird

field sparrow- singing at several locations

house sparrow

Brown thrasher-2

northern mockingbird

Hal Yocum, Edmond
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