Date: 6/11/19 1:07 pm
From: Thomas Gilg <tom...>
Subject: [obol] Re: EBird rarity alerts

Rather than overloading THIS list, can OBA/OBOL setup another lists for those that want to subscribe to eBird alerts, say <obol-ebird-alerts...><mailto:<obol-ebird-alerts...>? Other than how to deal with password resets showing up on the new list, and list can also be the eBird login, and someone would admin that eBird account.


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Subject: [obol] Re: EBird rarity alerts

Thanks to chris for this good idea.
Probably the moderator would be the best to do this if willing.
A comment though. I've subscribed to the WA state rba thru eBird for many years and the average list has about 20 birds which are perhaps? local rarities? and must be waded thru for 'true' rarities which are not priorities in the list. I havefor No experience with oregon list, rely on obol
Bob Obrien

On Tuesday, June 11, 2019, Christopher Hinkle <christopher.hinkle2...><mailto:<christopher.hinkle2...>> wrote:
> Here’s an idea to help out the folks who don’t use eBird: somebody that receives the daily statewide “rarity alert” could configure their email to automatically forward the alert to OBOL every day. Any volunteers?
> Best,
> Chris Hinkle
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