Date: 6/11/19 11:41 am
From: BARBARA DUNCAN <bjduncan04...>
Subject: Re: Painted Bunting -- Jefferson City
I found 2 Painted Buntings last night along the property line of the former KIA dealership and the Dodge dealership to the east. I saw what I thought was a female first in a small bare tree - green back, yellow throat and greenish-yellow on the breast. When the adult male came along, he chased the first bird up and over the hill into the Dodge dealership which seemed kind of aggressive. According to Sibley, a young male has similar plumage to an adult female from November - July his first year. Neither bird was singing. The location was directly opposite the last garage door on the south end of the east side of the former KIA building which consists of a long line of large garage doors. The adult male came back to forage in the green bushes with the white flowers (honeysuckle?) along the hillside on the property line. The male then flew south to the large trees along the back of what was the KIA dealership. This was from 7:30 to 7:45 p.m.

Barb Duncan
Jefferson City, MO
Cole County

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Robert Brundage's directions to this singing adult male Painted Bunting are excellent. I found it in those selfsame Black Locust trees. Many thanks to Robert and also to Christine Kline.

Good birding everyone,

Pete Monacell,
Jefferson City

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Subject: Painted Bunting -- Jefferson City

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Around 9 AM today (Sunday) I heard and then briefly saw a male Painted Bunting behind the old Kia card dealership (no Kia signage anymore, just parked cars) on Mo Blvd. It was behind the Kia dealership in two medium sized Black Locust trees on the property line between Kia and the next door Dodge dealership to the east. I approached and it flew about 150 yards to the west and landed in trees behind the Hyundai dealership. When it flew I could detect red color.

Robert Brundage
Jefferson City, MO

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