Date: 6/11/19 10:50 am
From: Barbara Kossy <bkossy...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Half Moon Bay highlights this morning
I kayaked out into Half Moon Bay at around 7:15 this morning.
Out on the breakwater, just near the fog horn I saw around 6 Heerman's
Gulls. The ones I noticed were adults.
Out on the water was a raft of about 30 Western Grebes. I wasn't close
enough to look for Clark's Grebes.
Common murres and Pigeon Gullemots were here and there.

On my way back into the harbor, what caught my eye were two small ducks,
black, with orange bills. Just west by 1/4 mile or so of Surfer's Beach.
Rather shy, so I couldn't get very close. But I'd swear they were Black
Scoters. Small, low in the water, not inclined to fly, no markings I could
see, except for the orange bills. Is this an odd time of year for them to
be here?

Paddling along the island breakwater there were a few more teeny cute
Western Gull chicks. I saw 6. And I got to observe some feeding. Many
Western Gulls on nests.

I saw 5 Black Oystercatchers, but wasn't lucky enough to spot a chick.

Happy Birding,
Barbara Kossy
Moss Beach

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