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My apologies to everyone involved in the Skyline Ridge OSP trip.  I was at the wrong place!  I was at the Alpine Pond parking lot where Bob Reiling often led trips, and not at the Horseshoe lake parking area, where we somewhat avoided trips because it's hard to decide exactly which country the trails are in.  Without a phone or written material, I made my all-too-often incorrect assumption that I knew what I was doing. 


Frank Vanslager

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Hi Frank,
Thanks for your trip report.
Actually, there were seven of us including visitors from GGAS who met at the trailhead parking lot nearest Horseshoe Lake, and though the park ranger was a few minutes late opening the gate for the 7:30 start, we waited until 8:00 before deciding, in the absence of cell signal on, on making the best of a less-than-optimal situation (proceeding without our trip leader).  

It was somewhat breezy/windy on the exposed parts of the walk.  My mental list includes: turkey vulture, raven, band-tailed pigeon, orange-crowned warbler, CA quail, red-winged blackbird,  wrentit, house finch, purple finch (heard), ash-throated flycatcher, song sparrow, Anna's hummingbird, and a lone coot on the lake.  
It was wonderful meeting the birders from the larger bay area community.  Sorry we missed each other, Frank--the above list would certainly have been longer with your expert eyes and ears among us!
Happy birding,Clarence QuindipanMilpitas, CA

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