Date: 6/11/19 2:56 am
From: Frank Enders (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: RFI FIsh Crow roost Fayetteville
Cross Creek mall .June 11 starting at 7PM and flying east 8PM across All-American Freeway, at least 300 Fish Crows. Staging around old Sears building (30 lined up on roof edge), heading over JC Penney store, just a handful at a time (while storm coming in). Probably hundreds (?) more comng in from other direction. Roost must be in stand of taller trees on east side of freeway.

I really despise "shopping", and being forced to drive there. But, sometimes one finds unexpected birding delights.
Motivates me to make time to get out and search for the winter Common Crow roost to the west of where I live. The crow roosts in Norfolk VA and along I64 east of there are even more impressive.
People in Fayetteville area probably know of this FIsh Crow roost, but I have always been more impressed by numbers of birds than by twitching a list. Around 1969 I was gratified that my mother similarly appreciated the blackbird roost in Garner, though I never got to show her birds I netted or more "beautiful" species.

[By the way, I myself can hardly control all the "improvements" to my email accounts made by the tech giants. We all do shoot ourselves in the foot, from time to time.
Also, the Birds of NC accounts by Dr. Legrand are quite important (even though I have complained that it lacks the detailed numbers that the VSO "books" and nationwide Breeding Bird Atlases provide, since his work is a one-man-show).
It is hard to herd us cats who watch birds (in different ways). The so-called community of birders has not rallied to the flag (Birds of NC) which Legrand raised. There is a real need for leaders to subtly get people together to work on things. Sooner or later we may get the second NC atlas started, though, as I frequently think, progress is (often) made by the death of old people. Or, to be more positive my son/daughter "it's all left up to you!"]

Frank Enders, Halifax, NC

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