Date: 6/10/19 6:13 pm
From: Michael Fialkovich <0000012b4af48ab0-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Allegheny County Ruddy Turnstone
There was an ebird report yesterday of a Ruddy Turnstone in Pittsburgh along the Ohio River near the Mr. Rogers Memorial. No details were included so I asked the observer for additional details and they attached photographs of the bird to their ebird list today.
This is the seventh county record I'm aware of. The last record was amazingly at this same location May 25, 2009. What was very likely the same bird was seen along the Allegheny River the same day in 2009.
All other county records are from Imperial: 5/15/2002, August 10 and 20, 2004 and May 22, 2005.
The birds are usually associated with thunderstorms like other unusual shorebirds that appear in the county.

Mike FialkovichPittsburgh Area, Allegheny County
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