Date: 6/9/19 8:28 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: Jay Question
California Scrub Jays are well established in much of central Oregon now and probably no longer newsworthy in Burns/Hines. Brogan is not that much further east    The Deep Creek, Fifteen-mile Creek and adjacent areas in southern Lake County are also California Scrub Jays. They SOUND like them, and hearing is believing. Woodhouse's Jays leave no doubt when they open their mouths. I spent a day with the jays south of Adel in 1984. I'm guessing they were there decades earlier, along with Scrubjays at Picture Rock Pass, much further north in Lake County.     Gabrielson and Jewett collected multiple specimens of Scrubjay near Andrews in the 1920s, and as a result every publication since had included Southeast Oregon in the range of Woodhouse's Jay.  Someone recently examined one or more of those specimens and photos were posted on Obol. I do not recall the verdict. But the observer effort has increased markedly in the ensuing century without further detection of Woodhouse's Jays. Someone found a Scrubjay nest in a sagebush inside Hart Mtn NWR about 10 years ago,  and perhaps the same year one flew across Hwy 140 somewhere between Hart Mtn and Denio Jct.. As with Bewick's Wren and Red-shouldered Hawk, the species is steadily expanding its range across the sagebrush steppes. LarsSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
-------- Original message --------From: Hendrik Herlyn <hhactitis...> Date: 6/9/19 8:01 PM (GMT-08:00) To: Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9...> Cc: OBOL <obol...> Subject: [obol] Re: Jay Question Sally and all,To me, this bird looks more like a California Scrub-Jay, albeit one on the less colorful side. I see a rather well-pronounced white eyebrow, a rather thick bill with a curved culmen, a noticeable, quite well-defined contrast between the blue head and brownish back, and a very white underside. The breast band isn't as colorful or pronounced as in some California SJs, but still rather noticeable.In my experience, Woodhouse's are really dingy-looking, with a pale grayish-blue head that fades into a grayish-brown back, a very poorly defined breast band, and dingy grayish underparts with bluish to bluish-gray undertail coverts. The bill on Woodhouses's tends to look thinner and straighter than in CASJ.Oscar and I have seen birds matching that description in the Deep Creek Canyon southwest of Adel in years past. Unfortunately, this was before I had a decent camera at my disposal, and before the scrub-jays were officially split, so I have no evidence to back up our observations. But we always felt those birds in the arid juniper groves were Woodhouse's. We hope to revisit the area sometime this summer and maybe get some conclusive photos. I fact, I encourage anyone birding in southeastern Lake County to pay close attention to any scrub-jays and to try and get photos, if possible. Good birdingHendrik .On Sun, Jun 9, 2019 at 12:43 PM Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9...> wrote:Vickie Buck and I recently returned from trip to Malheur County where we saw and Vickie got some photos of this jay.  The bird was seen in little park in town of Brogan.This is not typical of the California Scrub Jays that we see on the West side of Oregon.It had a gray back and a limited necklace that was almost the same color as the back. Indistinct supercilium. The under parts are very pale. We initially thought California but now not so sure.  I sent these photos to a guide that leads trips in Arizona he said he leaned towards Woodhouse's but could not necessarily eliminate hybrid, California x Woodhouse's.  thoughts?  IMG_3241.JPG IMG_3243.JPG IMG_3242.JPGSally HillEugene Oregon
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