Date: 6/9/19 7:58 pm
From: O Connell, Tim <tim.oconnell...>
Subject: Re: Black Vulturs
Wonderfully informative post, Mark.

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Another issue created by Black Vultures that I've not seen in Oklahoma is their consumption of soft plastic such as windshield wiper blades.

In New Zealand, Keas are notorious for this – as they are for their depredations on sheep!

Re: Black Vultures – back in 2008 at the joint spring meeting of the OOS with the Arbuckle-Simpson Nature Festival, our guest speaker Jerry Jackson led my grad student Andy George and me to a black vulture nest on the Saturday morning field trip. At the banquet that night, we had a wonderful conversation with a colorful rancher at our table. I paraphrased as much of it as I could to preserve for posterity here:
~Tim O’Connell
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