Date: 6/9/19 3:31 pm
From: Nature's Coast Oregon <info...>
Subject: [obol] Red-Winged Blackbird Egg Hatch Question
Surrounded by dozens of red-winged blackbird nests in a roadside marsh
near where I live, I decided in May to try to discover what "unseen
wonders" might be occurring in my own backyard. So I strapped an old
camera to the end of a 12-foot telescoping boom pole, stuck the other
end into the marsh mud, angled the lens toward the nearest nest a long
reach away, pressed "record," and walked away. I couldn't see very
well through the view screen in bright sunlight, so my aim and zoom
settings weren't perfect (making it appear in some shots that the
camera was closer to the subject matter than it actually was), but on
the whole, decent footage was waiting when I retrieved the camera —
most notably, an egg in the process of hatching, and the incredible
process the red-wing mother followed to extricate the new chick from
its egg and prepare it for the world.
While I think anyone desiring a "bird's eye view" of a red-winged
blackbird hatching will enjoy this video (web link posted below), my
primary motive for posting here is to ask a question. From timecode
02:05 to 02:22 the mother attends to the chick with a precision that
brain surgeons would envy — but what, precisely, is she doing?

If there are any hatching-egg experts tuning in here, I'd love to
learn more about the mother's behavior, and the chick's need for her
specific attention depicted, at this point in the video. In advance
... thanks!
Howard Shippey
South Beach

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