Date: 6/9/19 12:44 pm
From: Sally Hill <1sallyhill.9...>
Subject: [obol] Jay Question
Vickie Buck and I recently returned from trip to Malheur County where we
saw and Vickie got some photos of this jay. The bird was seen in little
park in town of Brogan.
This is not typical of the California Scrub Jays that we see on the West
side of Oregon.
It had a gray back and a limited necklace that was almost the same color as
the back. Indistinct supercilium. The under parts are very pale. We
initially thought California but now not so sure.
I sent these photos to a guide that leads trips in Arizona he said he
leaned towards Woodhouse's but could not necessarily eliminate hybrid,
California x Woodhouse's. thoughts?



Sally Hill
Eugene Oregon

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