Date: 6/9/19 9:05 am
From: Judy Griffith <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Wood Ducks and Red-breasted Nuthatches
Don has been keeping a close eye on the Red-breasted Nuthatches coming to
the feeder and reports there appear to be two specific and divergent
directions toward which different adults are heading with suet or sunflower
seeds. We have pinpointed two to three stops made along each flight path,
but unpredictable feeder visits and challenging terrain, dense underbrush,
etc. have delayed pinpointing the nesting cavities. Leif Anderson suggested
cedars or pines as likely so Don has ideas about certain trees in line with
flight paths across the creek, but cavity entrances are not evident. We
shall remain as vigilant as possible considering our other
responsibilities. But it would be way cool to confirm nesting!

A few weeks after Don's initial sighting of 6 baby Wood Ducks swimming
beside their mother on the pond nestled between woods and field, we'd seen
only one or two fuzzy grey ducklings at a time and feared they'd been taken
by predators to feed their own young. However this morning Don counted 4
ducklings with new feathers swimming on the pond with mom!

Ninestone, Carroll County

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