Date: 6/8/19 3:09 pm
From: Sally Zaino <szaino...>
Subject: Dauphin co AT
In the last week, we have hiked on the Appalachian Trail twice, starting at the top of Peters Mt at the lot on 225 and going west and back, about 4 miles round trip. Both times we heard Cerulean Warblers calling, on our first hike we were able to see them; on the second, today, they were very vocal but not visible to us. Today’s highlight was a beautiful Rose-breasted Grosbeak Male, who alerted us to his presence with his song, and then appeared in the open for some great views.
Also the usual ovenbirds, pewees, phoebes, tanagers, indigo buntings, house and Carolina wrens, red-eyed vireos and other common birds. We heard quite a number of Black and white warblers, but few other warblers.
Sally and Rich Zaino
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