Date: 6/8/19 12:08 pm
From: Bob and Nancy <blnllaval...>
Subject: Black Vulturs
I drink coffee with a bunch of guys every morning, composed of ranchers, and chicken farmers and others. I heard something yesterday I have never head before. One of the ranchers was cussing Mexican Buzzards. I asked him what he was talking about. He described Black Vultures. He said they are killing some of his calf's. He described an action by the Vultures that he has observed more than once. The vultures swoop down on a live new calf laying on the ground and peck the eyes out if they catch the mother too far away. The calf of course starves to death and the vultures feast. Others around the table agreed. They say the BVs are new to the area at least in large numbers. I see a few every summer but I’m not really out on the ranches. Has anyone heard of this habit?
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