Date: 6/8/19 4:44 am
From: Kate StJohn <0000000f59b962a9-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Downtown Pittsburgh peregrine fledglings may need our help
Four peregrine falcon nestlings in Downtown Pittsburgh will fledge in the next week.  Their nest is low -- only 12 stories up -- so one or more usually lands on the street in their first day of flight.  At that point they don't have the wing strength to fly up off the ground so they just stand there. 

If you find a downed peregrine, call the PA Game Commission at 724-238-9523 so they can come rescue the bird and put it up high to start over.  PGC will take the bird to the "rescue porch" (take-off zone) that I arranged with Point Park University Police.
Keep an eye out for any juvenile peregrine on the ground in the coming week (6/8 - 6/15). It is usually in the vicinity of Wood St - Third Ave - Smithfield St - Blvd of Allies -Fourth Ave.  It is easy to find because it attracts a crowd, however most people in the crowd don't know who to call.

More information on their location is here:
News from Fledge Watch yesterday, 7 June 2019:

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