Date: 6/7/19 11:17 pm
From: Roger Freeman <freemanbecard...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Common Nighthawk in Sherwood 6-5-2019
Sounds like Violet-green Swallows along with the Common Nighthawk. Had a
similar experience a few mornings ago when I stepped outside at about
4:15AM (1 hour before sunrise) with several active chattering VGSwallows
flying around. I also recorded it.

Roger Freeman

On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 9:59 PM Jeff Cooney <gaviacooney...> wrote:

> I attended my first OBA meeting this year. After attending the Saturday
> workshop presented by Nathan Pieplow, I was so excited about "earbirding",
> that I went home and installed the Song Sleuth app on my iPhone Xr. I had
> been hearing a twittering sound early in the morning between 3 and 5 AM
> that I suspected were vocalizations of Vaux's Swifts. I wanted to get a
> recording, so with Song Sleuth installed, I kept my window open and my
> iPhone beside the bed. On June 5th I got a recording of the swifts, but
> unexpectedly got a recording of a Common Nighthawk 'preenting' as a bonus.
> I tried to edit the recording to isolate the nighthawk, but I fear I
> fumbled and did not get all I wanted. I have attached the remaining clip
> of the recording. Obviously I have much to learn about audio files, but as
> Nathan said a bad recording is better than no recording! It is a 3 second
> clip that is not very loud. Unfortunately, I did not understand the clip
> and save process on Song Sleuth and this all I have left of the original 1
> minute 20 second recording.
> You will have to turn up the volume to hear the twittering and preents in
> this recording. I checked Song Sleuth, but could not find Common
> Nighthawk. I also checked the bird lists I could find for Tualatin Valley
> Wildlife Refuge, but could not find a listing of Common Nighthawk. The
> Willamette Valley Birding Trail Checklist notes that nighthawks are rarely
> detected during Spring and Fall, and occasionally detected during summer.
> So do you think the "twittering" sound I recorded are Vaux's Swifts and
> the "preent" sounds are from a Common Nighthawk?
> I have lived in Sherwood since fall of 2016. This is the first time I
> have heard a Common Nighthawk on this side of the Cascades, however, they
> were fairly common in central Oregon.
> I would welcome any feedback at: <gaviacooney...>
> I hope I have not violated any OBOL rules by making this posting. If so,
> forgive me, it is my first post to this listserve.

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