Date: 6/7/19 12:35 pm
From: Stephen Mirick <smirick...>
Subject: [NHBirds] More on color banded Roseate Tern
Just a bit more information regarding the reporting of color banded
birds.....and actually any bird band that is found or read.

The "official" method for reporting bird bands is through the USGS Bird
Banding Laboratory (BBL) web site:

I submitted my sighting of the Roseate Tern through them and found out
that it was banded as a baby in Maine in 2011 so this bird is now going
on 8 years old.  Through a contact, I found out that it was banded on
Stratton Island just south of Portland, ME, not on White & Seavey
Islands.  Apparently they don't disclose precise original banding
locations for endangered birds?....or all birds?

The funny thing is that if you submit the sighting to the BBL, then you
don't get any other data such as past re-sightings of the same
individual bird.  All you get for information is the original banding data.

The other web site to submit color-banded birds is through the Banded
Birds web site:

This web site appears to be much more focused on shorebird re-sightings
with color bands.  Although they accept color bands for other bird
species as well.  This site is run through New Jersey Audubon, Delaware
Fish & Wildlife and US Fish & Wildlife (not to be confused with USGS BBL!)

The funny thing is that if you submit the sighting to this web page, you
don't get the original banding data!  BUT you sometimes get interesting
resightings data.  That's how I learned my Roseate Tern was resighted at
Plum Island last fall!

Sounds strangely confusing?  Yes it is!

Steve Mirick
Bradford, MA

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