Date: 6/5/19 8:26 am
From: sandy leaptrott <sandyleapt...>
Subject: [obol] Garden Fledglings
Good Morning,

June 3 the Chickadees nesting in a box on my front porch successfully fledged two little Black-capped Chickadees. They moved to the backyard and I watched them following their parents to the suet and sunflower seed feeders last night.

The resident Song Sparrows have fledged a Brown-headed Cowbird. This is the second year in a row. I suppose this will happen every year now. Maybe this is why some birds have do multiple nestings? First one to raise a cowbird the second nesting to raise their own species.

I have two female and one male Downy Woodpecker coming to the suet feeders. Last year I had just one female and one male. Not sure where they are nesting.

I have a mixture of adult and immature Rufous and Anna's Hummingbirds in the garden, no fledglings yet. They do not use the feeder, they are most interested in the perennial flower garden. The Chickadees and Bushtits are using the hummingbird feeder, they drain it quickly.


Sandy Leaptrott

NE Portland

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