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Subject: [obol] Re: One tardy Junco
Downy Woodpeckers frequently pick away at the galls, which grown on Thimbleberry. Often these galls contain up to fifty tiny white worms.

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Subject: [obol] One tardy Junco

Yesterday I heard the familiar but unexpected chip-chipping of an Oregon
Junco. As I prepared to water my raised bed garden a bright jet-black
head of a junco popped up amongst the taller grass under my Oregon White
Oak tree. It continued to forage in the grass for a couple of minutes,
and then flew off. I haven't seen any juncos under my feeders or
elsewhere in my yard for close to a month - they head off the minute the
weather warms into the 70's.

Another oddity viewed yesterday - a Downy Woodpecker working about on
some stems of my Red Hot Poker plants. I couldn't tell if it was
interested in seeds, what little nectar might be present or insects on
the plants. Ideas? Anyone seen this type of thing before?

Anne Duston

in far East Portland, a couple of miles directly north of Powell Butte

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