Date: 6/4/19 8:32 am
From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: Question - Hairy Woodpecker behavior - Clearfield County
For the last couple of weeks, a Hairy Woodpecker has been clinging to the
side of my house and taps around my kitchen window on many days. I can see
its cute head! This mostly happens around 6:00 - 6:30 A.M., BEFORE I get
outside to put the sunflower heart and suet feeders out. I also put
sunflower hearts and white millet on the ground. Surely it is not trying to
tell me that it is ready for it??? Maybe it is just a
coincidence that it is tapping before the feeders go out.....I am curious to
know why.

In addition to eating suet, hairy woodpeckers peck sunflower hearts out of
my 1/4" screen big sunflower feeders and pick seeds up out of the tray.

My house is set far back from the main road, so I cannot see what is going
on down there. A neighbor recently told me that a woodpecker, which I assume
was a Hairy from his description, has also been clinging to and tapping on
different metal road signs.

All of the above tapping has been slow and random and NOT rapid drumming.

Thanks for any insights.

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois

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