Date: 6/4/19 4:47 am
From: Rick & Marianne Atkinson <marianne5...>
Subject: Alder Flycatcher - new yard bird - Clearfield County
On June 2, I heard an Alder Flycatcher below my house, which is a new yard
bird for me. It is swampy and shrubby in that area.

I live a couple of miles from the City of DuBois and have about 100 acres. I
am so lucky that my property has a variety of habitats, making birding from
my house very convenient. I have fields, shrubby/swampy areas, shrub edges
and woods. I can visit all of these habitats in a few minutes by going for a
short walk.

Marianne Atkinson
Clearfield County near DuBois

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