Date: 6/4/19 3:56 am
From: Chuck Berthoud <cbpabirds...>
Subject: June eBird Challenge, devices for using eBird Mobile, trip planning
This month’s Challenge is to use the breeding bird behavior codes in our
checklists. June is the peak breeding season in the northern hemisphere.
The eBirder of the month will be drawn from eBirders who submit at least
20eligible checklists containing at least one breeding behavior.

Not on eBird Mobile because you don’t have a smartphone? While you need
a smartphone or tablet you don’t need a data plan. When my daughter gave
me her old phone I initially began using it for apps that took too
muchmemory on my main phone. Now I have the eBird Mobile and other
birding apps as wellon that old phone it helpssave the battery of my
main phone. A smartphone without a data plan can work very well for
making offline checklists and the GPS will still track your path. If you
are at a new location start with the Create Offline Checklist, unless
you already have a Recent Checklist to use which avoids having to use
the full world-wide taxonomy. Submit the checklist with WiFi or your
phone’s mobile hotspot. Complete instructions can be found in the Help
tab at “Using eBird Mobile Offline” where you can learn how to
prepare the app with checklists from the places you plan to visit.

Planning a trip? You will probably take your binoculars as well in order
to see birds that you don’t normally see. A great way to prepare is by
reviewing photographs and sounds of birds taken by others for the area
and date you specify. eBird has developed a photo quiz which uses
photographs and recordings from the Macaulay Library. Much of that media
is collected from user checklists. Many of the media are pretty good and
easy to discern, some are admittedly impossible to identify. Try out the
quiz before you go to the next new area! Find it near the bottom of the
Explore Page.

Good Birding,

Chuck Berthoud, York
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