Date: 6/3/19 6:29 pm
From: Daniel Mason <millipede1977...>
Subject: ycnh
have not been birding quite so often lately. Life can do that to a
person. Don't have a ton to report from the past few days but it was
pretty fun/exciting driving home earlier this evening. We took some back
roads that weren't all that exciting most of the way. Then, on Logan
Road (near Siloam Springs in an area that I believe has been used for
game bird hunting) I stopped abruptly as I saw a yellow-crowned night
heron in the field. The field wasn't even flooded. There may have been
some water, I'm not sure but I didn't notice any. It was just there and
when I stopped, it ran in our direction. It was hunting. I had no
camera(aside from cell phones) or even binoculars with me(doh, just
remembered my scope is in there... oh well) but, I've never seen a heron
RUN.   Was kind of funny to watch. It was running to an fro and trying
to catch something. From where we were and with the lighting we couldn't
tell if it was successful. As we started to drive off, it flew. Anyway,
that was the excitement for us today. Some days of actual birding can be
more boring than seeing a night heron running around hunting so I'll
take it. :)

Daniel Mason

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