Date: 6/3/19 10:17 am
From: David Povey <poveydw747...>
Subject: [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Local Baja California Cook's Petrels May 31, June 1, and 2nd.
I just completed a fishing trip from San Diego to the Mexican coast. The
area we fished was just south of the Coronado Islands, down to just above
Ensenada, Baja California. We were never more that 30-35 nautical miles off
the beach. Friday afternoon we were just 26-30 nautical miles south of
Point Loma and I saw 4 *Cook's Petrels* in that area. Saturday we were west
of Salsupedies (sp ?) near Ensenada, and working back up and out. That day
I saw about *80* *Cook's Petrels* (likely more, as fishing can interrupt
birding when glasses are put away). Many these Cook's Petrels close to the
boat, and some on the water. I counted a single feeding group of 26.
Winds were very light and seas flat calm. .The last day I saw 3 more *Cook's
Petrels.* One of these at about 23-24 n. miles south of Point Loma. That
beats my previous closest to San Diego Co. Cook's that was at 27 n.miles,
and on the Mexican Side some years ago.
I still need Cook's Petrel for San Diego Co. so having this many so close
gives me some hope that one might wander our way, Sunday.
Also of note was a *South Polar Skua* in a large raft of Sooty Shearwaters
on Saturday.
*Black-footed Albatross* - two on Friday, and one each Saturday and Sunday.
Thousands of *Sooty Shearwaters* all three days.
Maybe 100 *Pink-footed Shearwaters*, for the trip.
Only two *Black-vented Shearwater* were seen, and those near Point Loma on
the way out.
Maybe 500 *Black Storm-Petre*l over the there days, half dozen *Leach's*
and a single *Ashy* *Storm-Petrel *were noted.
I saw only a single *Brown Booby *each Friday and Saturday, but had a dozen
or more on Sunday
Both *Red* and *Red-necked Phalarope* were seen in small numbers. (<10)
I saw only 13 *Scripps's Murrelet's* one a non flying chick with an adult.
Fair numbers or *Cassin's Auklets* with maybe 50-75 each day.

As a side note the boat crew mentioned than on the previous three day trip
to the same area they had a *Laysan Albatross*, and *Red-billed Tropicbird.*
So again this was all on the Mexican side of the border, but fairly close
to home.

Dave Povey
p.s. There are still spaces on Sunday's Buena Vista Audubon's Pelagic.
I hope you'll join me in my (our) search for a county bird!
Call 222-1144 for a reservation.

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