Date: 6/3/19 9:25 am
From: Peter Fissel <pfissel...>
Subject: [wisb] Fw: Baxter's Hollow field trip yesterday morning

I spaced out and tried to send this from my other account yesterday.  Apologies if it formats weirdly...

From: Peter Fissel
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 3:03 PM
To: Wisconsin Birding Network
Subject: Baxter's Hollow field trip this morning
 About 32 people showed up for today's twice-postponed Madison Audubon field trip to Baxter's Hollow SNA north of Sauk City.  The weather was beautiful, and the mosquitos were not as pesky as I had feared.  While the pass-through migrants were pretty much gone, we heard (mostly) or saw most of the usual nesting suspects there, including Acadian Flycatcher (one seen on a nest,) Veery, Louisiana Waterthrush, Winter Wren, Red-eyed and Yellow-throated Vireos, Ovenbird, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo and Scarlet Tanager.  Rather surprisingly, we heard no Wood Thrushes or RB Grosbeaks.  

Most interesting sighting was a couple of shredded trees and fresh bear tracks in the muddy trail up past the gate on the old campground property where the Nature Conservancy signage is situated.  

A few of us went over to the nearby Sauk Prairie Rec Area afterward, and had a couple of Bell's Vireos, several Willow Flycatchers and Clay-colored Sparrows.  The first Bell's was in the shrub line west of the first set of turns.  The second was in the second north/south stretch.  We didn't hear any where we had one last weekend, in the first north/south stretch of road.  

Most interesting thing there was an adult Bald Eagle sitting in the tall grass about 20 yards north of the first east/west stretch of road.  We figured it was probably on a kill or a carcass, especially when the Turkey Vultures started to swoop down right over it.  It wasn't budging.  

Thanks to everyone who came out today, and especially to Chuck Henrikson and Peter Gorman for helping folks spot birds (and plants).    

Peter Fissel

Madison WI

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