Date: 6/1/19 6:14 pm
From: Vivek Govind Kumar <vivekgk3...>
Subject: Pea Ridge/Centerton/UA Experimental Farm - 6/1/2019
I visited Pea Ridge National Military Park this morning, with Barry Bennett and Peter Shaffer. Blue-winged Warblers (2) were seen quite well. Acadian Flycatchers (13), Yellow-breasted Chats (7), Kentucky Warblers (10) and Summer Tanagers (12) were plentiful.

A drained fish pond at the Charlie Craig State Fish Hatchery had a few shorebirds - Baird's Sandpiper (2), White-rumped Sandpiper (7), Semipalmated Sandpiper (3). 2 adult Bald Eagles were perched on their usual snag.

Later in the afternoon, we spent some time at the University of Arkansas Experimental Farm. At least 3 Bell's Vireos (2 seen) were singing in the large thicket on N Gifford Avenue.

76 species were observed.

Vivek Govind Kumar
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