Date: 6/1/19 4:31 pm
From: Roy Gerig <roygerig...>
Subject: [obol] Marion County Horned Lark(s) today, first for me in a couple of years
I know of only one Horned Lark record in Marion this year, a transitory
bird or birds earlier in Ankeny MWR. Refuge persons will know more on
that. I routinely check a few gravel roads around Stayton toward
Silverton, driving them every week or so. to look for HOLA or other prairie

Today I saw one WV HORNED LARK along Anderson Road, about a half mile from
Waldo Hills Drive, north of Silverton, in a bare dirt 4 foot boundary
between 2 landowners fields. I heard another, nearby toward another corner.

North of it on a fence post a quarter mile away was a WESTERN KINGBIRD, for
perspective. Honestly from my experience, I thought I might not see many
more WV HOLAS here in Marion County. There are people who live in that
part of the county on this list and maybe they know about more HOLAS than I
am saying here, especially in the nesting season.

Roy Gerig, Salem OR

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