Date: 5/30/19 10:08 am
From: Kendall Zook <kendallzook98...>
Subject: morning birdwalk in Crawford Co.
I birded some beautiful habitat with Andy Troyer this morning. We birded his
95 acres along Rundelltown Rd. We kicked off the morning with a great bird -
a Mourning Warbler singing in the ravine right behind his house! I love
their song - such a rich, full "jirry, jirry, jirry, jorry, jorry." The
Mourning Warbler was a target bird today. The logging that happened several
years ago left prime habitat for Mourning Warblers. Throughout the morning
we had another 3 Mourning Warblers, all on territory. "Our morning for
Mournings!" Andy said.

The woods is thick. We passed through new thickets of aspen with an alder
flycatcher calling "re-BEAT" and Chesnut-sided Warblers calling all around,
through open meadows with Blue-winged Warbler buzzing, and into more mature
woods with the ever-present Hooded Warbler.

At the back of the property, we hit gorgeous habitat. Old hemlock woods -
dark, cool, and quiet. Dark pools of water and a few prostrate and
moss-covered hemlock trunks. And the dark evergreen canopy overhead.
Personally, this is my favorite Pennsylvania woods habitat. I never tire of
Eastern Hemlock forests, and hope to see them stay much longer. Part of the
enchantment of this special habitat is the special species you find there.
And we found them. We heard the high sweet song of the Blue-headed Vireo,
the "zee-zee-zee-zoo-zee" of the Black-throated Green Warbler, and of course
Veeries and Wood Thrushes. Then we heard one of the highlights. Not too far
away came the Hermit Thrush's haunting, beautiful song in a minor key. Wow!
That was the first one, and the second one came a little further along.
Finding two singing Hermit Thrushes on May 30 in Crawford Co., is a
highlight to me, hands down.

On our way back, we passed a tree with a Fisher nest in it. No Fishers
around today, but Andy's family has seen two babies and one adult. That's
exciting, as Fishers are a recent arrival in Crawford Co. We reached the car
just as rain began to sprits. In an hour and a half we reached 63 species
with 11 species of warblers. A wonderful bird walk to end May.

Kendall Zook

Crawford Co.

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