Date: 5/29/19 3:32 pm
From: Jim Edlhuber <jimedlhuber...>
Subject: [wisb] Green Herons on Nest with Egg MKE Co. 5/29/19, some images...
Hi all,
I have never come across and active Green Heron nest in the 9 years I have
been birding or even an empty one. So this one I photographed today was a
real treat. The 2 adults were present most of the time I was there,
sometimes together on the nest, other times the male was out on a limb with
the female on the nest. I am sure an egg was laid while I was present as
when I arrived the female seemed to be circling on the nest and no egg was
present. Shortly there after I noticed an egg on the nest. It appeared
another egg was maybe going to be laid but I decided to leave the area so
there would be no disturbance. It was cloudy misty morning but the
afternoon turned out very pleasant with partly cloudy skies and mild temps.

I few images of the event from today at the link below:


Thanks and good birding,

Jim Edlhuber
Town of Genesee Waukesha Co.

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