Date: 5/29/19 9:52 am
From: Anjeanette Levings <ajlevings...>
Subject: Re: Prairie State Park, Missouri
In total agreement about Prairie State Park. It's absolutely something
special and amazingly easy to get immersed in. This time of year may seem
like a hot time to spend in the prarie (and it is), but there is also the
chance of seeing a number of baby bison amid the bison heard that roams
freely there.

Be prepared for ticks and an amazing experience.

On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 10:32 AM Joseph Neal <joeneal...> wrote:

> Prairie State Park, about 30-miles north of Joplin, Missouri, is
> high-quality Tallgrass Prairie habitat once widespread in the Ozarks,
> including Northwest Arkansas City. I was up there yesterday with my
> musician neighbors Kelly and Donna, and their California friends, Eve and
> Rob. Kelly and Donna, the duo Still on the Hill, are both birders as well,
> plus they have taught for years at Halberg Ecology Camp. Eve and Rob are
> both birding active in southern California.
> Prairie SP is a fairly easy 2 hours or so drive from Fayetteville. Of
> course at this time of year I am attracted to seeing and hearing Henslow’s
> Sparrows, Bell’s Vireo, and Willow Flycatchers, plus the chance, if
> milkweeds are blooming, of Regal Fritillaries, an elegance that has
> disappeared from Arkansas. But another is to immerse again in the path
> taken by Katharine Ordway. She turned her significant inherited wealth into
> saving 31,000 acres of prairies, including key additions to Prairie SP.
> Love of native prairie plants taught her balance between nature and
> material culture. A friend of mine calls this “environmental absolution.”
> That is, robber barons of our Earth usually do a lot of damage on the way
> up to $billions, but some ultimately realize just piling up cash is no
> ticket to heaven. That’s in the New Testament, too, by the way. I’m not
> sure donating to save the Earth will get you there, either, but surely if
> Earth was worth creating, it is also worth protecting. It’s sure worth a
> try.
> Eve is an active eBirder. Here is her trip checklist for Prairie State
> Park:
> <>

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