Date: 5/29/19 7:37 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Malhuer Hawk...Broad-winged vs Red-shouldered?? Something else?

First rule of hawk ID anywhere in North America is to be sure you have
eliminated a young Red-tailed Hawk. Bird is an immature whatever it is,
adult Red-shouldered, Broad-winged and Red-tailed all have more rufous or
different tails.

Young Broad-winged Hawk: Tail is light with 4-5 brown bands, subterminal
one is widest, face has dark malar area
Young Red-shouldered: Very similar to a perched Broad-winged but tail is
dark with narrow white bands
Young Red-tailed: Back often heavily mottled white forming a V pattern,
tail light brown with several even width darker bands.

Bob Archer

On Tue, May 28, 2019 at 10:51 PM Barry McKenzie <barrymckenzie...>

> I took these photos of a hawk on Monday, 5/27 while birding at Malhuer
> this past week.
> Not sure what to make of it, and would love some feedback.
> Location: within 1 mile of Page Springs Campground on the road back to
> Frenchglen.
> Time: approx 4pm, 5/27/19.
> Conditions: good, clear light from the sun in the west; bird was on the
> east side of the road.
> Details you can’t tell from photos:
> - bird was silent
> - bird was a compact buteo; no bigger than a Red-shouldered Hawk, and
> perhaps a bit smaller
> Sorry, no flight shots (bird dove down and away to be immediately lost
> behind trees/bushes).
> I snapped off a couple photos from the driver’s seat of my truck. The
> bird seemed unflustered. So I got out and walked back along the driver’s
> side to peer around the rear end and take a few more shots. The bird did a
> “shuffle and fluffle”, then dove down and away.
> Entire encounter: 2 minutes
> Thoughts?
> Photos here:
> Thanks,
> Barry McKenzie
> Ashland
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