Date: 5/28/19 8:38 pm
From: Erik Ostrander <erik.d.ostrander...>
Subject: [obol] Cannon Beach Hairy Woodpecker (pacific)
This afternoon while I was taking a short break from landscaping at the
hotel I happened to notice a pretty interesting looking Hairy Woodpecker.
She was buffy all over where she should have been white. She was also
collecting moss to place as bedding in her nest I presume.

When I went to put it on eBird it tripped the rare bird filter. Does
anyone know if a Pacific subspecies Hairy Woodpecker should be rare or is
it just tripping the filter out here in Clatsop County to help the reviewer
keep track of false reporting of subspecies?

Either way rare or not I was pretty excited to see this woodpecker! I had
to run across the hotel to go get my camera and get a couple pictures of
her before she flew. I posted the pictures to my checklist on eBird.

Thank you,
Erik Ostrander
(503) 621-6170
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