Date: 5/28/19 3:23 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] a fifth species with a backyard fledgling in McMinnville
Today's entry was an adult Starling with a fledgling in tow. I have two
suet feeders that are the cage-within-a-cage type. The suet is in the inner
cage. The outer cage has a mesh that allows small birds in, but keeps
starlings out.

The fledgling sat on top of the feeder while the adult tried in vain to
reach the suet. It's neck and bill just weren't long enough. They tried
both feeders before they moved on.

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: [yamhillbirds] a fourth species with a backyard fledgling in

Today I saw a Bushtit feeding two fledglings at the suet feeder. Bringin'
'em up right so they can swarm the suet next winter.

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Subject: [yamhillbirds] another backyard fledgling in McMinnville

To add to the two Bewick's Wrens (May 20) and the fledgling D-e Juinco (1
May 21, 2 May 23), I had a fledgling Purple Finch with pin-feather horns
show up May 20.

Ah, Spring.

Paul Sullivan

Rummel St


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