Date: 5/28/19 1:08 pm
From: Diane Weinstein <diane_weinstein...>
Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Anna's Hummingbird behavior question
Adding to the conversation, I have Band-tailed Pigeons eating something out of my flower and veggie pots. I add lime and slow release fertilizer to the pots when planting, which I assume is what they are after. Does anyone know if this is harmful to them?

Diane Weinstein

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Subject: Re: [Tweeters] Anna's Hummingbird behavior question

Crossbills seam to like sheet rock also . Have seen them once in Leavenworth and at most of my job sites in Alaska. Larry Goodhew

On 5/27/2019 8:01 PM, Marcy D'Addio wrote:
A friend is observing a female Anna's Hummingbird eat/collect remainders from drywall that was cut in her backyard late last summer. Is the bird eating this as a calcium supplement or for some other reason? She did it earlier in the spring, too.
In my on-line searches I saw information about sulphur compounds in some drywall. There were some articles about captive parrots eating drywall so the owners were cautioned to supervise and discourage this.
Does anyone have experience or info? I will share with my friend.
Thank you, Marcy D'Addio
Redmond, WA

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