Date: 5/27/19 9:15 pm
From: Hendrik Herlyn <hhactitis...>
Subject: [obol] Linn County Black Swifts (belated report)
Hi all,

On our way over to Malheur NWR on Friday, May 27, I saw two BLACK SWIFTS
over Hwy 20 at Mountain Home. The weather was cloudy and rainy, and the
swifts were flying low, following the highway. Large, dark swifts with
long, broad-based, sickle-shaped wings and rather slow, shallow wingbeats -
quite different from the quick, fluttery flight style of Vaux's Swift.

Sorry for the late report - I was somewhat preoccupied with our Malheur
rarities! ☺

Happy birding!


Hendrik G. Herlyn
Corvallis, OR

*"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home." -- Gary Snyder*

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