Date: 5/27/19 7:32 pm
From: Alex Rinkert <arinkert12...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] sneezing confirms breeding
That's right, sneezing can confirm breeding. Yesterday I visited Baldwin
Creek to see if I could confirm breeding for a pair of GREEN HERONS.
Atlasers had seen a pair repeatedly visiting the extensive willow patch near
the creek mouth earlier in the season, but there was no further indication
they were nesting. After walking under the canopy and inspecting the many
stick structures high above, most built by woodrats, I came across one about
the right size and shape for a heron. This was the most promising nest out
of dozens of candidates, but unfortunately the nest appeared unoccupied. At
that point I had been on the hunt for a while now and was considering what
to do next. A breeze blew through the trees and I couldn't resist the urge
to sneeze. ACHOO, and the head of a wary heron rose out of the nest above
me! When the heron shifted its position I could see downy nestlings through
gaps in the nest bowl. Breeding confirmed.

Alex Rinkert

Santa Cruz

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