Date: 5/27/19 6:05 pm
From: Sue Hannon <sbhannon...>
Subject: Harrisburg's Peregrine Falcons near fledging - volunteers needed
The peregrine falcons on the Rachel Carson State Office Building in
Harrisburg have produced four chicks this year: one female and 3 males. At
one month of age, the chicks are very nearly ready to fledge. Historically
at this site, male chicks fledge between 38-40 days after hatch and females
fledge between 40-44 days after hatch. The Falcon Watch and Rescue will be
starting on Saturday, June 1 and continue until all four chicks are flying
proficiently and landing safely on nearby rooftops, probably 3 or 4 days
after the last chick fledges.

Urban nesting offers a number of advantages to peregrine falcons in terms
of safety from predators, but it also presents the young falcons with a
number of deadly hazards they would not face in a totally natural
environment. In most cases, when an urban fledgling runs into trouble,
having a fledge watch in place means the young bird can be rescued and
given a second chance to master flight skills, or if injured, it can
receive the necessary care and rehabilitation to make future return to the
wild possible. Since 2000, the year falcons first hatched on the Rachel
Carson Building, 66 chicks have fledged from the 15th floor ledge, and 40
of them have required rescue, many of them more than once. In its 20 year
history, Harrisburg's Falcon Watch and Rescue has performed 60 rescues.
Our presence during the most dangerous week of a falcon's life dramatically
increases its chances of surviving.

The Falcon Watch and Rescue is in need of volunteers to assure adequate
coverage during all daylight hours (5:30 AM to 9 PM) during the fledging
period. If you are in the area and interested in being a part of Falcon
Watch and Rescue between June 1-10, or know anyone who might be, please
contact me at <Hbgfalconwatch...>


Sue Hannon
Dauphin County, PA
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