Date: 5/27/19 2:39 pm
From: Robert Mulvihill <robert.mulvihill...>
Subject: Gray-cheeked Thrush, Allegheny County (Pleasant Hills backyard)
Was bird watching from our kitchen window (looking down onto our driveway)
looking at a Song Sparrow feeding not one but two baby cowbirds when a
fourth bird poking around under the rear bumper of Pam's car caught my
wife's and my attention. I had to move quickly to get my binoculars from
the living room, but I did so in time to get back and take a great look in
very good light at a second year (still showing many juvenal wing coverts
with the characteristic light buffy "teardrops") Gray-cheeked Thrush--a new
yard bird for us, and a very memorable Memorial Day bird!

Robert S. Mulvihill
Pleasant Hills
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