Date: 5/27/19 11:07 am
From: Vivek Govind Kumar <vivekgk3...>
Subject: Lake Fayetteville - 5/27/2019 - The Painted Bunting Show
Todd Ballinger, Jane Ballinger and Detrick Jenkins joined me for a short walk at Lake Fayetteville this morning. We started near the boat dock at 6 am and finished there at 8:30 am (birded the levee, the spillway and the area between the boat dock and the disc golf course). 50 species were observed.

A male Painted Bunting was singing from an exposed perch below the levee (row of trees just east of the softball field). He then flew down to an area of short grass/gravel and performed a wing-quiver courtship display near the female (already on the ground). This lasted around 3 minutes and was followed by copulation. The wing-quiver display was repeated once. This was then followed by a bow display. The entire courtship ritual lasted around 15 minutes.

Neotropical Birds has a detailed description of Painted Bunting courtship displays.

Other highlights included good views of Yellow-throated Warbler, Northern Parula and White-eyed Vireo (these were lifers for most people in the group).

Vivek Govind Kumar
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