Date: 5/27/19 11:04 am
From: Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
Subject: Re: Baby barn swallow
Perhaps experience has been mixed, but many experts suggest returning
babies to the nest. Depending on age and species, most nestlings will
hunker down and freeze, rather than panic and prematurely fledge, though
the latter can certainly happen if they're close to fledging age.

E.g. from

The best thing to do with a baby barn swallow that has fallen out of
the nest is put it back into the nest. There really isn't a second
best thing to do. .....

Anne Hobbs
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

There are a couple of reasons why it's ideal to re-nest: Depending on
species and age, parents aren't necessarily hardwired to care for
grounded fledglings. And there is no such thing as a predator-free yard.
Very few birds that are on the ground at dusk will be there the next



On 5/27/2019 7:40 AM, Joan Reynolds wrote:
> If you try?? to put it back in the nest you will likely scare all the
> other nestlings out of the nest.?? If there are predators you might try
> to put it up high in a shrub or tree instead.?? Let's hope it parents
> can still take care of it where ever it is.
> On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 12:43 PM Jay Jones <jonesjay62...>
> <mailto:<jonesjay62...>> wrote:
> My advice: If the area is predator scarce leave it alone. Adult
> birds will feed it and it will eventually fly and thrive.
> If not, carefully return it to the nest, ensuring you don???t alarm
> its sibs ??? trying to return a half dozen is a whole new level of
> challenge.
> Rick Jones
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> > On May 26, 2019, at 11:49 AM, Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
> <mailto:<jpandjf...>> wrote:
> >
> > If it can't yet fly, it should be put back in the nest, if at
> all possible. Thanks!
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> > Janine Perlman
> > USFWS avian rehabilitation permittee
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> >> On 5/26/2019 10:27 AM, Kay Hodnett wrote:
> >> Neighbors have little barn swallow that fell out of nest near
> their front door.?? It is trying to fly, almost ready(maybe why it
> fell).?? Should they get on ladder and try to put back in nest,
> leave it below, or what??? Kay Hodnett
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