Date: 5/27/19 5:04 am
From: Gail Miller <gail.miller...>
Subject: Re: Nestling demise
I am so sorry for this heartbreaking experience for you. I have two nest shelves on my front porch for the phoebes. Years ago, I noticed mites on the babies, so now I clean off the shelves in the Spring and dust them with diatomaceous earth (DE) to discourage mites. In the past few years, my phoebe had one clutch on one shelf, then built a second nest on the other shelf. So, I do believe your phoebe might nest again. You can order DE from Amazon, or sometimes find it at a health food store. Be sure and get FOOD GRADE and not POOL grade.

Gail Miller

Conway (Faulkner Co.) AR

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Subject: Nestling demise

I had 5 healthy, active phoebe nestlings yesterday. Today they are all dead! Two were on the ground below the nest, one still in the nest, and two MIA. There were hundreds of tiny bugs in and around the nest that looked like mites. Could that be what killed them? I removed the nest and cleaned the area. I love my birds and am heartbroken. Will Mama Phoebe nest again?


Dorothy Cooney

Wickes, AR

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