Date: 5/26/19 9:51 pm
From: Vivek Govind Kumar <vivekgk3...>
Subject: Beaver Lake Nursery Pond/Whitney Mountain - 5/26/2019
I visited the Beaver Lake area with Peter Shaffer this morning/afternoon. 77 species were observed.

Bird activity was excellent on Key Road (access road to Beaver Lake Nursery Pond) this morning. The highlight was a pair of Scarlet Tanagers that were perched less than 5 feet off the ground in a small roadside tree. Summer Tanagers were plentiful and several warbler/flycatcher species were vocalizing.

Highlights at the Nursery Pond included excellent views of Yellow-throated (at eye-level) and Prothonotary Warblers, several Orchard Orioles, singing Alder Flycatchers, 3 Yellow-billed Cuckoos, 2 female Hooded Mergansers, 2 subadult Bald Eagles and a pair of Northern Flickers at their nest cavity in a dead pine tree.

Cerulean Warbler (lifer for Peter) was our primary target at Whitney Mountain. 7 individuals (one pair plus 5 males) were seen/heard between Lodge Drive and Antler Drive (5 of these on/near Antler Drive). Two territorial males were seen chasing each other near the intersection of Route 127/Antler Drive - one of these birds also chased a male Northern Parula and a male American Redstart. Bird activity was good throughout the afternoon. Along a 0.4 mile stretch on Antler Drive, several breeding species were vocalizing - 9 warblers, 3 flycatchers, 3 vireos and 2 tanagers.

Vivek Govind Kumar
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