Date: 5/26/19 7:18 pm
From: Jules Evens <avocetra...>
Subject: [obol] Nehalem Bay SESA
Hello Birders,

Early this morning (May 26) I walked the Snowy Plover protection area along the beach at Nehalem Bay SP but saw more dogs (3) than Snowies (0). There were two Black-bellied Plovers on the upper beach and about 35 Sanderlings foraging in the swash zone. Later (9:00 AM) I went over to the boat ramp to check the tidal flats. There was a flock oft 10 Semipalmated Plovers and one peep foraging on the flats. I approached within about 10-meters of the flock, so had good views. The peep fit all the criteria for Semipalmated Sandpiper in alternate plumage (black legs, short, blunt bill, not very bright or "contrasty" dorsal plumage with only a little rufous edging to the tertials, etc.), but what struck me as most interesting was that it was actively foraging with the plovers, picking rather than probing. Unfortunately I had neither scope nor camera, so irrefutable documentation is lacking. This may be a slightly late spring date for coastal Oregon, but not extreme for the Pacific NW.

Happy trails,

Jules Evens

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