Date: 5/26/19 12:46 pm
From: Joan Reynolds <joanreynolds...>
Subject: Re: Nestling demise
It may also have been a snake or other predator that dispersed the nest.
Keeping your porch light and other outdoor lighting OFF at night, except
when for the few minutes you absolutely need light to be walking/looking
outdoors, will help keep the brood of porch-nesting birds out of the sight
and sound of predators that may be stalking insects, toads and other prey
that are attracted to the lighted area.

On Sun, May 26, 2019 at 2:22 PM Dorothy Cooney <songbird51488...>

> I had 5 healthy, active phoebe nestlings yesterday. Today they are all
> dead! Two were on the ground below the nest, one still in the nest, and
> two MIA. There were hundreds of tiny bugs in and around the nest that
> looked like mites. Could that be what killed them? I removed the nest and
> cleaned the area. I love my birds and am heartbroken. Will Mama Phoebe
> nest again?
> --
> Dorothy Cooney
> Wickes, AR

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