Date: 5/23/19 7:46 pm
From: Ted Floyd <tedfloyd57...>
Subject: [cobirds] Bizarre bird story from Greenlee Preserve; fallout; eBird musings
Hey, all.

Earlier this cold and misty Thurs. afternoon, May 23, I saw an *osprey*
laboring with a fish it had caught at Waneka Lake, Boulder County. As the
bird flew north toward Baseline Road, it was harassed by both an adult *bald
eagle* and three *red-tailed hawks.* The osprey dropped the fish, which
landed on, and then splattered across, the middle of the busy thoroughfare.
All five raptors descended upon the bloodied and still-squirming carcass,
briefly stopping traffic in both directions. Never a dull moment around

A bit more than 12 hours earlier, I was out in the light rain and could
hear a few nocturnal-migrant *Swainson thrushes* over the roar of western
chorus frogs and Woodhouse toads singing from Greenlee Reservoir, full of
water again at long last.

Daytime birding at the preserve & environs was really good, highlighted by
20+ *Swainson thrushes,* 2 *veeries,* 25+ *clay-colored sparrows,* 2 *gray
flycatchers,* a candidate alder flycatche
<>r among 3 *Traill flycatchers,*
a *northern waterthrush,* *hoodie* and *woody* continuing, a surprising
flock of 15 *spotted sandpipers* along the south shore of Waneka Lake
(including one spotty that wandered up into the woods by the playground), 2 *snowy
egrets,* and 3 tardy *myrtle warblers.* The Greenlee feeding station
continues to attract colorful birds, among them *western tanagers,* *Bullock
orioles,* *blue-gray gnatsnatchers,* a *gray catbird,* and a lot of *broad-tailed

Finally, eBird. Here's how to do it:


Ted Floyd
Lafayette, Boulder County

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