Date: 5/23/19 7:29 am
From: d pan <birdmandan813...>
Subject: [wisb] Interurban trail disruption Oz county
I understand that everyone has to earn a living- I understand that many
things are just business (I own one myself).
Walking the interurban trail today I'm dismayed that ATC - American
Transmission Company is still clear cutting everything along their
interurban trail right of ways- Although mostly non native invasives, it's
May 23. Their clean up was slated to begin Jan. 14th. Today I flushed
yellow warblers, common yellow throats, gray catbirds, song sparrows,
northern and orchard orioles, red wing blackbirds, american goldfinch,
house finch, killdeer, norther cardinal, house wren, chestnut sided
warbler, green heron, eastern meadowlark, white crowned sparrows, and
others I don't remember. All in a stretch of a half mile! I spoke with an
employee who understood my concern but was clearly happy the topic was
"above his paygrade". As i type, I hear a yellow warbler saying "sweet
sweet little more sweet" OR is he saying "Where where where did my nest

Dan Panetti
S.E. Ozaukee county

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