Date: 5/22/19 11:37 am
From: David Wade <davespeedbump...>
Subject: [cobirds] Mystery Raptor - Fort Collins
Hello birders. Yesterday (Tuesday), while birding my favored patch, North
Shields Ponds NA, I was blessed and simultaneously cursed to see what I am
confident was a Kite of some kind. After ruminating and some book study, I
think it possibly maybe and most likely was a 1st year White-tailed Kite
but I'm not sure. I didn't have the cojones to call it that on eBird but
thought I should get the word out and have a few more eyes out looking for
it in case it sticks around.

This is the description I entered into eBird: "Not sure what this was, my
impression was a Kite. I noticed a bird flying up the Poudre being mobbed
by 2 swallows a Red-winged and a 4th bird. From the head-on view, I
suspected it to be a Broad-winged hawk based on its size and pale head.
Suddenly it banked and I had a good view of its underside. I noticed thin,
angular and pointed wings - falcon like. The wrists and hands seemed to be
nearly equal in length and width and the tips pointed. It had a slim
longish body and the tail was wider at the tip than the base, trapezoidal,
longish and square edged. Overall it was a pale light colored bird with
some sandy tan colored hints. There were some dark parts in the wing but I
failed to gather clear mental image of it. The tail also seemed pale and
translucent but I did see vague sandy tan barring terminally (reminiscent
of juvenile RTHA) and a darker terminal band. It flew to the SW behind some
trees. I had spotty views of it from there but it seemed buoyant and
skillful in flight covering a long distance with minimal flapping. The
flight style was unlike any Buteo or Accipitor. After some study my best
guess would be a 1st year White-tailed Kite but I am left mystified."

David Wade
Ft Collins, CO

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