Date: 5/22/19 11:00 am
From: Joseph Neal <joeneal...>
Subject: Willow Flycatcher in Benton County
A Willow Flycatcher was singing near Centerton this morning. Actual location is along SW Anglin, near the dairy farm and subdivision being excavated. This is 1.5 miles south-southeast of the hatchery. In addition, there was a fine male Painted Bunting, several Indigo Buntings, and Bellís Vireo. This particular Willow Flycatcher got my attention because I found several along Ginn Road on May 13, 2017, then went back and found at least one bird singing in a thicket out in a big field nearby, June 1, 2017. Same community of other birds, too, like Bellís Vireo. As Arkansas has steadily lost its nesting population of Willow Flycatchers, finding them any time is of interest, and finding them in possible nesting habitat better. I looked at a map to see the relationship between this morningís sighting and the bird or birds in 2017. Itís close, only about 0.5 miles. Very little of this is accessible on public road. In my mind this raises possibility that back within this general area could be a small breeding population of Willows. It was windy this morning. Iím going back soon, on a calmer day, and with someone with better hearing.

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